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                2014年成立的ag九游会真人商务咨询(上海)有限公司是英国Ellisons在中国的子公司。Ellisons成立于1930年,88年来为全球数以千计的沙龙和水疗中心提供专业设备、配件和耗材。我们所提供的产品包括沙龙配套产品、一次性用品、水疗和沙龙家具、仪器、沙龙衣物、毛巾、特殊疗程所需产品,以及设计和安装服务,为专业沙龙和水疗中心提供一站式解决方案。同时我们可以结合酒店特色进行特色项目开发和培训,目前我们已开发珀丽洛思系列:Lave Shells魔力贝壳、竹疗、喜马拉雅盐项目;全球专利脱毛产品:PhD脱毛蜡、Delsera脱毛蜡,COLOR MAD指甲油,以上产品和服务已进入到丽思卡尔顿酒店、文华东方酒店、华尔道夫酒店、万达瑞华酒店、四季酒店、瑞吉酒店、喜来登酒店、皇冠假日酒店等多家酒店水疗中心,获得了国内专业人士和客户的一致好评。

                BeiYang Import & Export (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Ellisons founded in 2014. Ellisons was founded in Coventry, England in 1930, and over the last 88 years had been established itself as the supplier of choice of furniture, fixture, equipment, consumable and niche brand for thousands of salons and spas across the world. The products we supply are including salon essentials and disposables, furniture and equipment, salon clothing and toweling, exclusive treatment products, design and installation service for all professional salon and spa needs. Meanwhile, we also develop featured products in line with hotel’s characteristics, such as Lava Shells, Bamboo treatment, Himalaya series, PhD (all-purpose waxing), Delsera (luxury waxing),COLOR MAD .Now BeiYang's products can be seen in many top hotel spas including The Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Hotels, Wanda Reign, Four Seasons Hotel, St. Regis, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts and more. Our products and services are well received by the professionals in the spa area and also the customers.